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More than "just" an athlete
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Michelle Greco is a graduate of UCLA and a WNBA/FIBA vet.
Michelle is the creator and owner of Joy Ride Santa Monica.  Talk about making your passion work for you. If you’re ever in Santa Monica make sure to go and support this #bosslady we did and had a BLAST!!

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Tanisha Wright is a graduate of Penn State University and a FIBA/WNBA vet.
Tanisha, who is currently an assistant coach at UNC Charlotte founded Deuce Homes, a redevelopment company, serving the Pittsburg and surrounding areas. They are there to help with all real estate needs, and they are good at what they do! Continued success!

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Shyra Eli-Gash is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and a FIBA/WNBA vet and is an amazing image builder, wardrobe stylist and personal shopper.

Shyra is the owner of House 43, a fashion consulting firm that has helped plenty coaches, players, executives and business owners look their best, whatever the occasion.

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Danielle McCray is a Kansas graduate, a FIBA/WNBA vet, and the owner of DnS_Truck_Repair,a successful truck repair shop in the Atlanta metro area she started while still playing professionally.

We wish Danielle lots of success in your ventures and thank you for showing the world that we are #morethananathlete

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